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Skip Trace / Locate People

Skip Trace - Finding People - Private Investigation ServicesSkip Trace Investigations and Locating People

With our Skip Trace services, when it comes to locating someone we can help. Finding people and bring them together can be a happy time. These are our favorite cases, from finding lost relatives, high school friends, adoption-related or even old military buddies. Unfortunately, there are other times that a wrong needs to be dealt with from locating people who owe money, taken something they shouldn’t have or done something they shouldn’t have. We can help you find people so the law can be upheld and a wrong made a right.


What a Missing Person Investigation /
Skip Trace Investigation Involves

Records Research: We search dozens of sources from government databases to financial reports, tracing information including:

  1. Phone Number Databases
  2. Credit Reports
  3. Loyalty Cards
  4. Loan Applications
  5. Utility Bills
  6. Tax Information
  7. Public Records
  8. Job Searches
  9. Criminal Background Checks
  10. Courthouse records
  11. Air Travel
  12. Driver’s Licenses and Vehicle Registration

Detailed Information Gathering: Identifying previous people that had contact with the missing person can yield valuable results. Sometimes they still do have contact. Other times it yields clues on patterns, habits, and schedules.

Interviews: We set up confidential and private interviews with previous employers, friends, and family who may know something of value.


Who can a Skip Trace Services /
People Location Service Help?

  • Find Lost Relatives
  • Locate High-school Sweet Hearts
  • Adoption-Related Location
  • Child Support Issues
  • Serve Legal Documents
  • Locate People for Collections
  • Tracking Defendants For Court Appearances
  • Find People Regarding Assets or Inheritance


When Is It Time for a Skip Trace Investigator /
People Location Investigation?

While the police can be a help, you need to wait 24 hours before contacting them or their resources are stretched thin or it isn’t within their jurisdiction. You have other options. Highly trained private skip trace investigators can start right away without waiting 24 hours.

Waits Investigations will help you locate people. Our investigators work tirelessly until we find who you’re looking for. Waits Investigations dedicates itself to finding anyone you’re looking for, in a safe and responsible manner.

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