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Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS Tracking - Private Investigation ServicesGPS Surveillance for Oklahoma

Private Investigators know that GPS tracking devices provide concrete evidence while being efficient and cost-effective. They have revolutionized the way PI agencies handle surveillance and private investigations. GPS trackers track vehicles within feet of their location.  Waits uses GPS tracking systems for all types of investigations.


Why Use GPS Tracking?

  • Keep track of your teenagers.
  • Help locate your elderly loved one.
  • Expose a cheating spouse.
  • Recover stolen property.
  • Track company equipment.


How Do GPS Tracking Systems Work?

The United States Department of Defense developed satellite-based navigation systems, known today as Global Position Systems (GPS).  GPS transmitters get attached to an object. The GPS receiver tracks the object, determining its position, speed, etc. In short private investigators follow individuals 24/7 without being seen, at reduced cost and with increased safety.


When is it okay to use GPS Tracking Systems?

Federal law is still unclear on the use of GPS Trackers; however, Oklahoma Law is a little more exact. Waits Oklahoma Private Investigators are current with the Oklahoma Stalking Laws and GPS legalities. With that in mind, the following are general guidelines for when it is okay to use GPC technology. It is most likely legal if:

  • You own the car.
  • If you jointly own the car, it might be okay but each case is different.
  • You are tracking your children.
  • Your business owns the vehicle and uses it only during work.
  • Protecting assets or collateral depends on the situation.
  • If you are a member of law enforcement then you need a warrant.


What Can You Expect?

Waits Investigations Agency provides detailed reports with map overlays, log reports, and a surveillance summary. GPS Tracking Investigations run 24/7 or just during specific time periods. Tracking devices stay on objects up to six months without needing to be removed for maintenance.

Get peace of mind. Ensure that your children are safe and your elderly family members are secure. Get the facts. Use compile data in courts against cheating spouses or to protect your business property and assets.

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