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Criminal Investigations

Criminal InvestigationsWaits Oklahoma Criminal Investigations works with local attorneys, providing them with details needed for the best possible outcome of your criminal case. There’s nothing better than an excellent criminal defense attorney and an excellent former law-enforcement officer investigator working together for the benefit of you.

Being arrested is devastating and affects your family, job, and personal well-being. We understand that at Waits Investigations. Our dedicated criminal investigators fight hard for you and for the best possible outcome.


Why do I Need a Criminal Investigator?

With ever-tightening budgets, police find themselves overwhelmed and understaffed. Cases maybe prematurely deterred to be unsolvable. In a worst-case scenario, an innocent person gets charged with a crime. Once police close a case, they must move on to the next investigation. A criminal investigator exclusively dedicated to your case, without juridical restraints, works with your legal counsel to get the best possible outcome for you. Have you found yourself:

  • Charged with a crime you didn’t commit
  • In the middle of a police investigation producing little or no results
  • Needing additional evidence collected for a criminal defense.
  • Needing an impartial view for collecting facts.
  • Requiring surveillance and record searches for additional facts.

Dedicated detective work focusing on your best interest will help. A private criminal investigation reviews evidence, finds missing witnesses, finds new evidence, all with your best interests in mind.


Criminal Investigations Services Include:

  • Examining records for validity of chain of evidence.
  • Finding discrepancies, issues and additional evidence needed for the case.
  • Verifying evidence through records, witnesses, and detailed information gathering.
  • Preparing detailed criminal investigation findings for court.
  • Collecting forensic evidence and analyzing it for additional and missed details.
  • Re-reviewing crime scenes for missed details or inconsistencies.

Regardless of what you were arrested for or your background, it doesn’t matter to us we fight hard for you to get the best possible outcome.

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