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Child Custody

Child Custody Private InvestigatorChild Custody Investigators

Our private child custody investigators can help you help your child. We understand how important your child is to you. Securing their safety and ensuring their financial support while they receive loving support and proper care is critical.

Overburdened courts have stretched their resources as far as they can. Often this may not be enough to ensure your child’s safety and wellbeing. The courts are doing the best they can but once their decision is made, it is final. Your opportunity to present evidence may be gone forever.

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    Time is of the Essence

    What is more immediate is if you suspect your child is a victim of abuse or neglect. At this point, time is of the essence. You need convincing evidence to help the justice system do just that, deliver justice.

    Waits Investigations private eye child support investigators have the surveillance and background check experience so that you can help the court system and law enforcement, representatives. Our reputation for discreet, fast and efficient comprehensive investigations are second to none.

    What Evidence do Courts Consider for Custodial Decisions?

    No child custody court case is the same but there are common factors courts consider. Some of these include:

    • Home environment: is it stable and healthy both emotionally and physically?
    • Ability to provide food, shelter, and education for the child.
    • Is affection shown toward the child?
    • Lifestyles, schedules, parenting skills and morality.
    • Child abuse or child neglect evidence.
    • Or conversely unfounded accusations of abuse and neglect.
    • A history of complaints against the parent for violence.
    • Current and past parental conduct.
    • Financial standing.
    • Addiction such as alcohol, drug abuse or gambling evidence.
    • Criminal history.
    • Type of people parent associates with.
    • Parent’s willingness to support a child’s and other parent’s relationships with each other.
    • Defiance of a legal process such as abduction or abandonment of a child.



    Child Custody Information Gathering

    When it comes to gathering evidence, information gathering is one of the most effective techniques.


    Witness Statements

    Information gathering only goes so far. There others who see what is going on during your child’s day. Waits Private Investigators also collect witness statements which are designed to support and strengthen your position with the court during your legal battle. We interview:

    • Friends & Relatives.
    • Caregivers such as babysitters and nannies.
    • Day Care and School Personnel.


    Background Checks

    We do background checks to further support both the surveillance information and witness statements. Un-earthing your ex’s undesirable information from the past is important. What was their pre-marriage relationship history? Did they have illegal activities or associate with those that did? Often disturbing facts are uncovered that can help bolster your case.


    Let us help your child

    Waits Oklahoma Private Investigators conduct private and noninvasive investigations. Our Child Custody Investigations treat these situations with both gravity and sensitivity, all with strict confidence. Your child deserves the best. Give us a call for a private meeting and share your concerns with us.

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