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Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse Private Investigation ServicesThe not knowing can be the hardest if you have suspicions of a cheating spouse. Even the most rational people drive themselves crazy wondering. Unfortunately, intuition often proves right. According to surveys 85% of wives and 50% of husbands with suspicions, are correct.

Don’t drive yourself crazy wondering. Waits Oklahoma Infidelity Investigations can provide you with tangible proof. We discreetly find the answers so you can get on with your life.

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    What are the most common signs?

    Watch for these 20 signs:

      1. Intuition — remember 85% of wives and 50% of husbands that suspect infidelity — is right.
      2. A sudden increase in time away from home.
      3. Not available when at work and/or working longer hours.
      4. Attending functions but wants to go alone.
      5. Obsessed with a cell phone and constantly on at odd times.
      6. Doesn’t answer or return your calls.
      7. Has unexplained phone numbers stored on the phone.
      8. Takes calls in another room, out of your hearing.
      9. Seem distracted and daydreaming.
      10. A sudden interest in appearance such as losing weight, new hairstyle.
      11. They become very secretive about computer use.
      12. You no longer have access to their accounts.
      13. Spending more time on the computer.
      14. Internet browser history and caches are often cleared.
      15. Email is cleared.
      16. Has a new email account.
      17. Not giving you straight answers.
      18. Unusual purchase and credit card activity.
      19. The sudden insistence of doing own doing laundry or doing it away from home.
      20. Clothes smell of perfume, cigarettes, cigars.

    Oklahoma Investigator

    As an Oklahoma Private Investigations Agency, Waits Cheating Spouse Investigations gets concrete evidence that can be used in court. All is done with complete discretion and confidentiality.

    • Detailed Information Gathering
    • Social Media Details
    • Cell Phone Review
    • Asset Review

    What Else?

    At the conclusion of an investigation case, if you need an attorney, we have many attorneys that we work with as well counseling services. Our commitment to our client goes way beyond the conclusion of the case.

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