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Background Checks

Background Checks - Private Investigation ServicesBackground checks are for verification. Some one’s word is not enough when it comes to your children, family, home, money, and company. Is the person or company trustworthy? Are they reliable? Are they telling you the truth?

Waits Oklahoma Private Investigators do in-depth background investigations, stopping problems before they happen. Contact us for thorough and intensive background investigations. You get the critical information you need to make important decisions.


Top Six Common Background Investigations

  1. Employment Background Check
  2. Criminal Background Checks / Criminal Record Investigations
  3. Premarital Investigations
  4. Caregiver / Nanny Background Checks
  5. Daycare Background Checks
  6. Tenant Background Investigations


Intensive Research

No shortcuts, gimmicks or fluff. Tailored background investigations delve into details needed for:

  • Pre-employment screening checks
  • Reputation checks
  • Financial history
  • Vetting contractors
  • Potential business partners

Our Oklahoma private investigators know how to read OSBI Background checks. We understand how to uncover details such as non-convictions vs convictions.

Nonconvictions can be as revealing as a conviction. Did they get arrested ahead of a court date? Are they on parole or good behavior bond which they later violated? What records have been sealed or expunged? What records, violations or arrests were done under another name or identity? Experienced researchers uncover hard to find details.


What Shows Up on Background Checks?

Get answers to the questions. Are they:

  • Conman
  • Felon
  • Bankrupt
  • Married
  • Sex offender
  • Telling the truth
  • Unemployed
  • Drug user?

Our research will uncover:

  1. Name history
  2. Addresses both previous and current
  3. Social Security Number Traces
  4. Death Records
  5. Real Estate Dealings and Ownership
  6. Mortgages
  7. Driver’s License History
  8. Marital Records
  9. Criminal Records (State/Local/Federal)
  10. Aliases / A.K.A.s
  11. Tax Liens
  12. Bankruptcy History
  13. Corporate Records
  14. Business Affiliations
  15. Social Media Activity


Experience Background Check Investigations

Waits Oklahoma Private investigators get hard to find information. Research goes far beyond general on-line background investigations. These only get easy to find information. Our experience brings insights into the details. This enables us to spot red flags buried between the details.

Waits Investigations, Oklahoma City, handles all the background investigations that you need. We custom tailor each package for you.

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