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Oklahoma Private Investigation Services

Here at Waits Oklahoma City Investigations Agency, our OKC Detectives do a wide variety of private investigative services for families and companies. This kind of detective work can range from a contractor skipping out on work done at your home, to a business that has an internal problem of theft or fraud regardless of your needs we can help. Regardless of how small or how large the investigation needs are we provide Oklahoma private investigator work that delivers results. Get dedicated detective services as your personal PI investigator.
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Infidelity / Cheating Spouse

The not knowing can be the hardest if you have suspicions of a cheating spouse or partner. Even the most rational people drive themselves crazy wondering whether their spouse is cheating on them. Unfortunately, intuition often proves right. According to surveys 85% of wives and 50% of husbands who suspect their spouse of infidelity, are correct.

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Background Checks

Background checks are about verification. Some one’s word is not enough when it comes to your children, family, home, money, and company. Is the person or company trustworthy? Are they reliable? Are they telling you the truth? Our Private Investigator Oklahoma Agency does in-depth background investigations, stopping problems before they happen.

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Child Custody Investigations

Our private child custody investigators can help you help your child. We understand how important your child is to you. Securing their safety and ensuring their financial support while they receive loving support and proper care is critical. Time is of the Essence. What is more immediate is if you suspect your child is a victim of abuse or neglect. We help get the convincing evidence you need.

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Skip Trace / Find People

Finding people and bring them together can be a happy time, from lost relatives, high school friends, adoption-related or even old military buddies. Unfortunately, there are other times that a wrong needs to be dealt with from locating people who owe money, taken or done something they shouldn’t have. We can help you find people so the law can be upheld and a wrong made a right.

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Oklahoma GPS Tracking

Private Investigators know that GPS tracking devices provide concrete evidence while being efficient and cost-effective. They have revolutionized the way PI agencies handle surveillance and private investigations. GPS trackers track vehicles within feet of their location. Waits OKC Detectives use GPS tracking systems for all types of investigations.

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Criminal Investigations

Waits Oklahoma Criminal Investigations works with local attorneys, providing them with details needed for the best possible outcome of your criminal case. There’s nothing better than an excellent criminal defense attorney and an excellent former law-enforcement officer investigator working together for the benefit of you.

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