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Waits Investigations provides discreet, confidential private investigator services. Whether a background check for a potential employee is needed, a spouse is suspected of cheating, or there is a need to find someone, WI’s private investigator services excel at gathering needed and important details. 

Our Oklahoma Investigations team gives you in-depth and thorough fact-finding, handled in a professional manner. Clients are given a firm informational foundation that can be trusted. Each investigative agency division specializes in the unique needs of its sector.

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Cheating Spouses

Cheating SpousesSuspicious that your partner is cheating on you? Not sure what to do next? That’s where we come in.


Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS Tracking ServicesLive GPS tracking lets you know where someone is at any minute of the day, in real time.


Background Checks

Background ChecksPre-employment background checks are vital when you think you have found the perfect employee.


Child Custody Case

Child Custody InvestigationsGoing through a child custody battle or about to? Give us a call 405-822-7253. We can help.


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